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It's Over, Isn't It? ::Leath Update::
Within his cozy log den, the gray, masked tom his ringed tail in frustration. He glowered sullenly at the pieces of crystal in front of him. Leath was intending to make stars out of them and hang them on the branches that remained on the fallen tree. He was decorating the place to getting his shop ready. Safe Haven was entering a golden age of sorts, and that meant all the crafters would have time to start crafting. He had to be ready—business meant competition, and as one of the newest crafters, he felt even more driven. Narrowing his eyes, he tried to focus on the task at hand. But while Safe Haven might be at peace, he wasn’t. The events of Babylon were still fresh in his mind, and even the trial of Skinner before that. He remembered the look of pure wrath on the Skinner’s face as he declared he was leaving the Gang. His ears pressed against his head. I was so sure she was the murderer…. When he joined the gang, he had thought he was starting over agai
:iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 2 7
We believe you by wolvesofthebeyond0 We believe you :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 1 1 Spectrum Meme by wolvesofthebeyond0 Spectrum Meme :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 0 8 Harold by wolvesofthebeyond0 Harold :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 2 0 I Don't Even Watch This Show Why by wolvesofthebeyond0 I Don't Even Watch This Show Why :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 3 6 Why I Hate Love Stories (Usually) by wolvesofthebeyond0 Why I Hate Love Stories (Usually) :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 1 12 Fight Fight Fight by wolvesofthebeyond0 Fight Fight Fight :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 4 4 This Town is Perfectly Normal by wolvesofthebeyond0 This Town is Perfectly Normal :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 2 3 VICTORY by wolvesofthebeyond0 VICTORY :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 3 0 Lesbeans by wolvesofthebeyond0 Lesbeans :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 1 2 Through the Fire by wolvesofthebeyond0 Through the Fire :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 2 5 Leath's Battle Sheet by wolvesofthebeyond0 Leath's Battle Sheet :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 0 2 Glass Shard Beach by wolvesofthebeyond0 Glass Shard Beach :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 3 0 Mothy my Child by wolvesofthebeyond0 Mothy my Child :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 2 0 Hop Ornament by wolvesofthebeyond0 Hop Ornament :iconwolvesofthebeyond0:wolvesofthebeyond0 1 0


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Just call me ur GRUNCKLE STAN :D
United States
Hi! I've been here for at least 1 year on DA. I at first I a was a horrid artist, but I've improved some what. I'm a fan of Gravity Falls, Warrior Cats (formerly), Wings of Fire, Percy Jackson (kinda...), Harry Potter, Wolves of the Beyond, and other books :D. I love animals of all sorts, writing, and better at drawing on actual paper, so when I get a job, I'm planning on being an artist, writer, or draw characters for cartoons. I'm currently writing a book, Once Upon a Rhyme, with my sister, Wilderwicked. You are welcome to look at my gallery, just don't judge my art too harshly (I try you know!)

Favorite Form of Art: Lineless ^^ I'm good at it ;o;
House: Slytherin
Class: Myth
Cabin (Camp-Halfblood): .... Poseidon? That, Hecate, or Athena...
Element: Earth
Pokemon Type: Water
Spirit Animal: Great-horned Owl
Path (Kane Chronicles): Ra...? Or Bast...?
Tribe (Wings of Fire): RainWings
Sass Levels: 25%
Sarcasm Levels: 90%
Shipping Levels: 100%

We all Must Bow to Something we Hate, but Secretly Respect ~In Honor of Misfitshipping

He or She Who Hesitates is Lost ~A Series of Unfortunate Events, the Grim Grotto by Lemony Snicket (aka A Series of Abound with Feels)

I Will Shine, But Not Burn ~Some Scottish Clan

Reach For the Stars. If You're Too Short, Get a Ladder~ Me

Damn You're Eyes!
Too Late~ Jr. Frankenstein


Death is Just But the Next Great Adventure~ Albus Dumbledore

He sighed. "Charlamagne Augustus Constantine Julius Bennikens"
Everyone in the room snickered. ~ Charlie Bennikens

"It's really.. It's really..."
"Yeah, that's the word!" ~Anna Wenly, Charlie Bennikens




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sailorshadey Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016  Student
i like to look back at all the sapphirepearl one-shots on wattpad and think:
"i caused this to happen."
wolvesofthebeyond0 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016
how could you, Shadey
sailorshadey Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Student
ok but wolfy-san hear me out:
hamilton/corpse party crossover
not the actual characters, only the songs
wolvesofthebeyond0 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016
(of course you'd suggest it)

sailorshadey Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Student
at least 14 ideas have been in my head for like 4 months and i've never shared them
you already know one lmao
AntlerLantern Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Student General Artist
Its time to get the MAP part done! 
sailorshadey Featured By Owner May 3, 2016  Student
here's something that ain't stupid youtube links
sailorshadey Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Student…
announcer: dave
luigi: harold
mario: charlie
fox: hannah
pikachu: hailey
samus: lily
jigglypuff: holly
peach: anna

im sorry i have terrible ideas
sailorshadey Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016  Student
i love petalburgshipping

april fools
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