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Once upon a time,
I took you for my own,
Capturing maidens,
And burning broken roads,
I was the bad guy,
The villain in the story,
But you melted by heart
You made it beat in a flurry,
Then the hero came along,
Stealing you back,
Charming you with,
His perfect act
You made me whole,
You brought the good in me.
So come back, dear Desert Flower
Be my Shining Sun again,
Be my light,
Be my hope,
Be my sight,
Be my everything
More Charana
:3 a poem for meh OTP
Scarf Slumber by wolvesofthebeyond0
Scarf Slumber
Just two drawings i did on paper combined together on Ms. Paint :3 (btw, the red blob is my crappy attempt at a couch)
The scarfs design is Slythren plus HufflePuff, as its his or her respective houses. And Charlie drools in his sleep
#PercyDroolingInSleepClub (you'd get the joke if u read the books, cause Percy also drools in his sleep.)
I found a theme song for Charana :D! It's A Thousand Years. I think the lyrics fits these two for the most part, so let's take a look~

Hearts beats fast 
colors and promises
This last line says to me that they will protect each other through thick and thin, and trust me, you'll see this happening a lot in the books.
how to be brave
how can i love when i'm, afraid
to fall
These lines state clearly Charlie's emotions, at least. He's nervous, he doesn't know what Anna will think, or how it'll impact their relationship. 
But watching you stand alone
all of my doubt,
suddenly goes away somehow...

They end up telling each other their feelings for the other at one point :3!
one step closer
I have died everyday waiting for you,
whhoooaahhh, you got that right, lyrics! Anna is kind enough to pick up Charlie's books and say hello! But Charlie, convinced he doesn't need anyone (more like he doesn't trusts peeps) pushes her away. He feels guilty about that, apologizes to her, and she becomes Charlie's first friend, along with Harold-poo ^^. Same with Anna as well. She may be kind and friendly, but not many people are willing to be friends with a house-maid (you'll get this when the book comes out...)
darling don't be afraid,
I have loved you,
for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

Back to the protecting thing! Charlie would do anything for Anna and vice versa
Time stands still
beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything
take away
what's standing in front of me

This line relates with Charlie; besides the never letting her go part and protecting her, he truly thinks she's beautiful, inside and out.
(insert chorus here)
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you, 
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more
The whole time thing is also relative; They both have been waiting for a friend or a companion, then they meet each other, become unlikely friends, and than fall in love, and get married at 12 years old :D. Happy Ending!


wolvesofthebeyond0's Profile Picture
Just call me ur GRUNCKLE STAN :D
United States
Hi! I've been here for at least 1 year on DA. I at first I a was a HORRRIIIDDDDD artist, but I've improved some what. I'm a fan of Gravity Falls, Warrior Cats (formerly), Wings of Fire, Percy Jackson (kinda...), Harry Potter, Wolves of the Beyond, and other books :D. I love animals of all sorts, writing, and better at drawing on actual paper, so when I get a job, I'm planning on being an artist, writer, or draw characters for cartoons. I'm currently writing a book, Once Upon a Rhyme, with my sister, EasternBreeze. You are welcome to look at my gallery, just don't judge my art to harshly (I try you know!)


Cyper- a stray cat in Gravity Falls. he's quite clever, and uses Grunckle Stan's money to buy himself stuff.

Starreena- (based off meh dog) a white mutt that is cautious, a bit paranoid, snappish, and smart.

Kacona- (based off meh other dog) a basset hound mix, fun-loving , laid back, random, naïve, and an adventurer

(will add more :P)

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