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How to Steal a Dragon's Sword thingeh by wolvesofthebeyond0
How to Steal a Dragon's Sword thingeh
XDDDDDDD... I'm currently reading the 9th book of HTTYD! This is when Snotlout rips Hiccup's and Fishleg's rucksacks. On pages 35-38 :3
In case ya can't read my hand writing...:
Snotlout: Whoops...Doge troll emote 
Hiccup: WHY U DO DIS?!Really Sad 
Fishlegs: LET'S GO, BUD FFUUrious 
(c) HTTYD is Cressida Cowell's
(c) Picture is mine XD
CotL Cat Reference Sheet by wolvesofthebeyond0
CotL Cat Reference Sheet
For :iconclansofthelake:

How to Fill Out:
Image: draw your full character in this box

Take: Is your cat taken by a mate, or no? mark if its no, or yes

Activity: put a check-mark on either NPC (not active yet), Dead, or Acyive

Pelt: Certain patterns, other distinctive details about your cat
Fine, we'll rock-paper-scissors for it!~GF oc's by wolvesofthebeyond0
Fine, we'll rock-paper-scissors for it!~GF oc's
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, guess who came back CB? Here, left to right, we have Felix, Blaze, and Steve (i'll give chu a cookie or a free icon if you can guess who these guys are. They are also Oc's in da warriors world :3)

The triplets were told to get a summer-time job from their parents. stumbling upon the Mystery Shack after a day of cleaning dishes, selling newspapers, and pretty much failing at every job they come across, they see help is needed: a cashier for the Mystery Shack, a waiter or waitress for the Mystery Snack-bar, and night-time security for the Mystery Snack-bar and the Mystery Museum (yes, Grunkle Stan opened Snack-bar XD). Blaze calls cashier (he's good at math), Steve calls waiter, and that leaves Felix with night-time security. But, being not so keen on looking after a creepy shack at night, they rock-paper-scissors on the job. Guess who gets it? Felix, of course. So, they work there. OTHER STUFF BOUT DESE GUYZ: Felix is obsessed over dragons, because he swears he's seen one. Blaze usually gets Mable or Soos to do the cashier job, so he can crash with Wendy X3. Steve takes his job seriously, and usually has a quick conversation with the people waiting at the Snack-Bar. 
(c) GF belongs to Disney and Alex Hirsch
(c) Characters belong to me :3
Hey, guys! i have an idea fora group ^^! i just wanted to know if you're interested in this

There will be 4 groups of cats, each organized depending on your powers: Speed; Mind; Strength; and Myth (the myth group means you have control over magic, btw). Here, an example:

Name: Krion (note that that the names can be just nature based, or made up, like this (()

Class: Mind

Rank: Imperial Legate (please, not yet again, the ranks are based off the Roman Legion. Imperial Legate is the ruler of two or more Legions. you should probably look this up for more info ^^;)

Gender: She-cat (female)

Powers: Telekinesis (power of any object) pryokinesis (complete control over fire) geokinesis (complete power of earth, rock, ground)

Mate: none

Family: (LAZEHHHH)

Well, thats the example ^^. Mind cats usually have control of elements, just telekinesis in general, telepathy, "Puppet Master" (control over a living being) and any other powers you can think of that relates to deep concentration or the mind. Speed cats are fast, (obviously,) can teleport, sometimes have power of fire and air, run over water, create heat and energy, and have great sense of sight and sound, better than any other group. Strength cats are extremely strong, can control earth (geokinesis) excellent fighters, have a great sense of smell, better than any other group, athletic, and can dig under ground. Myth cats are WAY more likely to have the "Puppet Master" power (for mind cats, its unlikely) can say incantations, necromancy (power over the dead) telekinesis, can teleport other objects, can manipulate any object into something else, and can have elemental telekinesis. 

So, tell me if your interested! thats all

~Wolfeh out~!


wolvesofthebeyond0's Profile Picture
Just call me ur GRUNCKLE STAN :D
United States
Hi! I've been here for at least 1 year on DA. I at first I a was a HORRRIIIDDDDD artist, but I've improved some what. I'm a fan of Gravity Falls, Warrior Cats (formerly), Wings of Fire, Percy Jackson (kinda...), Harry Potter, Wolves of the Beyond, and other books :D. I love animals of all sorts, writing, and better at drawing on actual paper, so when I get a job, I'm planning on being an artist, writer, or draw characters for cartoons. I'm currently writing a book, Once Upon a Rhyme, with my sister, EasternBreeze. You are welcome to look at my gallery, just don't judge my art to harshly (I try you know!)


Cyper- a stray cat in Gravity Falls. he's quite clever, and uses Grunckle Stan's money to buy himself stuff.

Starreena- (based off meh dog) a white mutt that is cautious, a bit paranoid, snappish, and smart.

Kacona- (based off meh other dog) a basset hound mix, fun-loving , laid back, random, naïve, and an adventurer

(will add more :P)

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