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Is Leath-a-bee a sue? I DON'T THINK SOOOOOO 

() has an unnatural eye color
() that eye color is red
() eyes that change colors
() has Heterochromia 
() has an unnatural fur color
() has visible scars
() stunningly handsome/beautiful
() extremely muscular
(x) extremely small or tall (so short)
() no determinable breed (not gonna count it 'cause most feral cats are moggy's anyway)
() look younger than they actually are
() they are blind
() they are deaf
() bad sense of smell
() limb or eye is missing
() ginger (if she-cat) tortie (if tom)


() has amnesia
(/) born a rogue or loner (well, Safe Haven takes is full of outsiders, so half off)
() once a kitty-pet
() has a long lost sibling
() descended from a leader
() they don't know this ^
() descended from a leader and have a high rank
() born from an Inter-clan relationship
(/) one (or both) of their parents were abusing (well, kinda his father... but it was more of not-seeing-eye-to-eye-thing instead of a I-hate-you thing)
() witnessed the death of both parents 
() they never knew their parents
(/) abused or spoiled as a kit (see above ^)
() involved in a prophecy
() visited the Dark Forest
() certain smells/sounds/sights remind them of their traumatic past
() an abusive mate in the past
() related to a cat in the original books
() reincarnated
() destined to become leader
(x) at least one sibling died (poor Grear ;-;)


(x) has an unusual name 
() name has fire, lightning, death, or darkness in it
()their name has the prefix -Jay
() their name is similar to a character you're a fan of


(/) lots of/no friends (he hasn't really met anyone yet ^^;)
() has an Inter-clan relation ship (no Clans, so not possible)
() more then one mate
() romantic interests are fighting over them
() personally has a lot of romantic interests
() medicine cat with a forbidden relation  ship
(x) has a crush on a cat/person of the same gender (well yeah, but how is being gay mary-sueish?)
(x) unsure of being able to trust another to love again (he's a cynical guy to begin with anyway, but he is loosening up)
() other cats think they are attractive
() they fell in love with another cat in one-month (the heck?)


() has Autism
() has schizophrenia
() has a split personality disorder
() is insane
() struggle to stay sane
() a kind character that always tries to help others
(x) are very intelligent
() misunderstood by those around him
() is mysterious/dark
() mood changes erratically (this guys pretty damn stable, thanks)
() has insomnia
(/) really opens up when you get to know him (well, he doesn't go overboard with it and immediately trusts you, and he's usually lost in thought anyway)
() loves kits and elders
() protective of clan-mates or loved ones (he cares about them obviously, but not crazily overprotective)
() emotional (ha, you've got to be kidding)
() has naive/cute/innocent characteristics
() never looses a fight
(x) they don't believe in StarClan (granted, he doesn't really believe in a lot of things, let alone starry spirits who talk in vague prophecies)
() over powered 
() a pacifist
() can talk to two-legs
() feels sorry for prey (HAHAHAHAHAAHH WUT?)
() deep down is kind-hearted


Point reductions
() has a short temper
(/) enjoys picking on others (he enjoys picking on stupid cats. Who doesn't?)
() of average intelligence
() of average height
(x) eye color is green or yellow
(/) natural fur color for breed (he doesn't really HAVE a breed...)
() is part of a litter that has survived to adult-hood
 Total: 6/ 75 (8.5 without reductions)

:: Balanced Character ::

Good job! Your character's is just the right amount of exciting and boring!

Yes! Leath's a good character  


wolvesofthebeyond0's Profile Picture
Just call me ur GRUNCKLE STAN :D
United States
Hi! I've been here for at least 1 year on DA. I at first I a was a horrid artist, but I've improved some what. I'm a fan of Gravity Falls, Warrior Cats (formerly), Wings of Fire, Percy Jackson (kinda...), Harry Potter, Wolves of the Beyond, and other books :D. I love animals of all sorts, writing, and better at drawing on actual paper, so when I get a job, I'm planning on being an artist, writer, or draw characters for cartoons. I'm currently writing a book, Once Upon a Rhyme, with my sister, Wilderwicked. You are welcome to look at my gallery, just don't judge my art too harshly (I try you know!)

Favorite Form of Art: Lineless ^^ I'm good at it ;o;
House: Slytherin
Class: Myth
Cabin (Camp-Halfblood): .... Poseidon? That, Hecate, or Athena...
Element: Earth
Pokemon Type: Water
Spirit Animal: Great-horned Owl
Path (Kane Chronicles): Ra...? Or Bast...?
Tribe (Wings of Fire): RainWings
Sass Levels: 25%
Sarcasm Levels: 90%
Shipping Levels: 100%

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Yes wolves of the beyond were good books. Too bad the series was only 6 books long.
wolvesofthebeyond0 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015
Yeah. It was great ^^
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My computer is messed up, and I can never get on AJ....
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Maybe sometime we can meet on there again? ^^
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